Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 agility top 10

My personal Top 10 agility events
10) WAO

I qualified to represent Australia at WAO (World Agility Open) Championships.  It was held in Belgium this year.  I ran awesome Magners, a very fast, very cuddly Border terrier owned by Lara.  My right hand buddy, Megan, was with me and she had gorgeous George.  We had lots of fun here and gained a LOT of experience.   Also made lots of new friends and got to catch up with old ones too. 

9) Diva pups

I got to watch all the Diva pups competed in the ring this year.   I tell you what, proud as punch I am J  There is not one of those dogs I would be disappointed to have.  They all LOVE agility.  They may be at different levels in their agility careers at the moment, some blitzing all the classes they enter, others just learning how to sequence the obstacles together – all on their own wee agility journey and LOVING every step of it.   Looking forward to seeing more of them in the future :)
8) Zumba 

So my own wee Diva pup entered the ring a couple of times.  Sooo not ready but what the hey.  And tell you what, she didn’t disappoint at all.  She LOVES it :) this is music to my ears and I am very much enjoying working, playing and running with her – CHA CHA :) (her release word)

7) Rocstar

He gained a couple of qualies in strat pairs this year, very proud of him.  His highlight was managing to keep ALL the bars up and get a 2nd place in novice jumping – wooohooo.  Not a mega smooth run but we’re working on that :)  He has LOTS of potential which I am VERY excited about (very much like his daddy drive and power wise, A LOT ) and hope I can help him shine

6) ADAA States Camden

I traveled over east to NSW with Diva and Mini and my buddy Amy with Trixie.  We went to Camden and entered the ADAA State trial

We only entered because ANKC Nationals was on the following week and wasn't far from there - This was a trial well worth entering :)
Diva won both Advanced jumping classes to get her purple card she needed (well actually got 2 LOL) and gained her IAD (International agility dog) title) – WOOOHOOOO!!! Very proud if this J  She also gained a qualification in teams with Ziggy and my good buddy Simone Holt and awesome Miss Kye to get her Team Dog title too 

Mini got Midi Jumping state championship runner up with a cool trophy too :) Go minmin – WOOHOOO

5)  ADAA States WA

Mini with her team of Irene with Gypsey and Tom with Brynn won the team State Championship Triathlon.  This was the very first ADAA state championships so her and her team mates names are on the perpetual trophy as the first in line

Diva done friggin awesome.  She won snooker state agility championships, blah blah state championships and runner up in ???  She also got a clear in agility to get her MAAD and this meant her Agility Champion title

4)  Grand Prix

ADAA grand prix was friggin AWESOME.  I was sharing with my buddies Megan and Jody and were surrounded with awesome pals.  Jo was right next door on one side, Tom on the other and several around that.  Nat and Simone had entertained Megan and I and what an awesome time we had too.  Just made our GP even more special 

Mini and Diva had both qualified for the medallion stakes invitational event.  You need to accumulate so many points at trials during the year for you to be invited to run in this event.  It’s the crème de la crème.  I was so fortunate that both Diva and Mini had qualified to run 

Mini done great and although a dodgy aframe down contact she didn’t get called and was awarded 7th place – wooohooo .  Her contacts let her down and weaves aren’t the best, but she did work awesome I think – go Minmin


Diva was on fire and took it away – she won the event and OMG I am SOOOOOO proud of her.  She was against some awesome dogs.

3) Western Classic

Mini’s downfall is her contacts and weaves.  TBH I didn’t really focus on these with Mini in training and really let her figure them out in the ring.  Then once she got them I didn’t train them much at all – my own doing , doh.  Anyway the Western Classic is a prestigious event in WA (Western Australia).  So Mini goes and wins Masters Jumping 400, beating some awesome dogs and a few agility champions to  VERY  VERY proud of her – go MINMIN
Diva also done a blinder of a round in Masters Agility and won the 500 class by 5 seconds – wooohoooo J  It was such a magi round – with any run you can mostly say “she was wide here and there” which Diva was, but by George did she do awesome

Go my AWESOME girls :)

2) ANKC State championships

The States is almost my favourite event this year.  This was an absolute blast

Mini qualified for masters jumping and open jumping finals. 

Diva qualified for Masters jumping, open jumping and open agility.  Couldn’t cut the mustard with masters agility gaining silly faults – doh.

Mini got 7th in Open jumping finals 
and.... OMG OMG OMG – 1st in Masters jumping 400.  State CHAMPION – WOOHOOOO   

Again she was up against some stiff competition and won against agility champions and super fast dogs – wooohoooo, MINMIN……..   I actually cried when this result was read out and I had to go up for presentations J Naaawwwww…… very happy and super proud 

Diva bombed out in open jumping finals - dodgy handler

Open agility we got 3rd place - WOOHOOOO

Masters jumping we got 1st place - MAJOR WOOOHOOOO :))))))

1) ANKC Nationals

Well this is the event to be at if you do agility in Australia.  It is held every 2 years.  Hundreds of handlers and dogs turn up to try and be the best in the country.

This year it was held in Sydney and OMG what a nationals it was.  One to put in the record book and one to try to top by other states in the future :)

Mini was completely off.  Even when she was running she wasn’t firing like her normal self.  I ended up taking her to get looked at and boy oh boy was she sore.  On the last day of qualifying rounds she came out firing like her normal self and we still couldn’t qualify – silly handler errors L doh, But at least she was feeling good and full of life again :)

Diva was on fire here.  But I have to say I have NEVER seen so may awesome and fast and mind blowing dogs as I did in the Masters 500 class this year – OMG It was AWESOME.  Dogs from all over the country and even New Zealand – it was the nationals to be at.

She got a couple of firsts and seconds, some thirds and fourths too.  The finals is the big shebang. We again qualified for 3 out of 4 – couldn’t get masters agility – arrrggg!!!!

Open agility was tragic L lets forget that ever happened – doh!

Open jumping – we got 3rd place – ARRGGGG – 3rd place at national championships and against sooooo many great dogs – wooohooo.  Our idols in WA – Kriszty with Terrah won so c’mon WA J  We missed out by 0.1s from 2nd 

Masters jumping was a bit strange for me.  This event was mainly the reason I had traveled to the NSW venue.  Diva was National champion in 2010 by winning Masters jumping at WA nationals.  Some people had said there wasn’t enough people there and this is why we won (not a lot of competition).  Ok fine, :p.  Then when I said I wasn’t going to nationals some said I had to go to defend my title of Masters jumping National champion.  Pfffttt….then ok lets do it.

So waiting to go into that final ring was kinda nerve wracking and pressure on at the same time….
I went in and pushed and pushed as hard as I could…..


WOOOHOOOOO – we did it – NATIONAL CHAMPIONS 2012 – aarrrgggg.
This is the highlight of my year and most probably my agility career.  Back to back wins for national champion. 

Pity it’s every 2 years as Diva will be past her prime by the next nationals

Well hope you enjoyed reading this and watching the videos (as per the links) as I did rewatching them to post this - with a few YEAHHH's in there too :)

Wishing you a very happy new year for 2013 - may all your dreams come true :)